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Motivational Speakers Like Michelle Weger are Rare

With Her Unique Experience as a Woman with Narcolepsy in the Tech Industry, a Motivational Speech From Michelle Comes From a Place of Inclusion and Determination

Michelle Weger: Speaker, Advocate, Author

In a world saturated with curated images and generic stories, true authenticity stands out. Join Michelle Weger as she shares her unique journey as a business owner with narcolepsy, accompanied on stage by her Great Dane service dog. Dive deep into a narrative that weaves together challenges, resilience, and the power of genuine branding.

Michelle’s keynotes are not  just about one person’s story—it’s an invitation to discover the strength within your own narrative and learn how to transform it into a compelling personal brand. Prepare for an inspiring session that showcases the beauty of embracing every part of ourselves and leveraging our unique tales in the professional realm to achieve maximum success.
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“I had to start my own business if I wanted to be successful.”

Starting her own business was not only a goal for Michelle, it was necessary. Having been diagnosed with narcolepsy in her mid-twenties, she knew that she couldn’t keep up with a normal nine-to-five job. “You don’t get a restful sleep,” she says. “It’s like if you stayed up for 48 hours straight and also tried to do your work.” Most people with narcolepsy are either under or unemployed. If Michelle wanted success, she would have to build it herself. Venture Creative Collective operates virtually and boasts a team of five team members, all of whom telecommute. Michelle is passionate about offering a flexible work environment, recognizing the importance of such flexibility for her team, as well as herself.

Disability Advocate

Michelle recently collaborated with CBC Marketplace on an hidden camera investigation to document human rights violations against people with disabilities within Canada’s transportation networks. You can watch this enlightening documentary piece here.

Alongside her professional endeavors, she serves as a co-founder of the Narcolepsy Awareness Programs and Services, Canada’s first Narcolepsy not-for-profit organization. Additionally, she initiated the Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illnesses, Disorders, and Disabilities group, a platform she established to support fellow business owners facing similar challenges.

A Truly Motivational Speaker

Michelle uses her position to spread awareness and uplift others through many speaking events and podcast appearances. With a genuine commitment to making a difference, she shares her experiences as a woman in tech with a disability, to show that those similar to her can not only survive, but thrive! Her engaging talks and podcasts not only educate but also inspire countless listeners while fostering a more inclusive business community. Michelle embodies the spirit of resilience and inclusivity, proving that with determination, one can achieve greatness and give back to the world.


Michelle also enjoys using her experience as an entrepreneur and person with a disability to share insight via her personal and professional blogs. Her unique background serves as inspiration to many, and her willingness to share both the highs and lows of her journey are a refreshing spin on the typical business blog.
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Michelle Weger was a captivating speaker at the Partner Day East event! She was inspiring, impactful and her vulnerability opened up the audience. Michelle genuinely connected and showed she's living her message!
- Mika C.
Michelle's abilities as a business operator and automations expert are only surpassed by her empathy and care for her clients. She achieves success by understanding that not every business has the same needs, and is able to turn that care into beautiful, functional web products.
- Lou S.
Michelle knows her business, and has an engaging personality, and clearly Quinn is totally comfortable on stage! This is just the beginning of a successful new career.
- Susan H.
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